YDF Yield Vesting


Vesting Timeframe

When claiming earned yield or unstaking, your earned YDF will be vested over 90 days.

Rewards that are vesting can be found on the Vesting Page.

When using the Claim All Rewards feature, if you hold both sYDF & slYDF, there will be 2 separate transactions to approve. One for your sYDF NFTs, and a separate for your slYDF NFTs that occurs after the sYDF claim has been fully processed.


By staking either your YDF or liquidity, you are earning yield in the form of YDF over time. In order to reduce and manage sell pressure over time compared to experiencing large and impactful swaths of sells as users unstake and claim earned yield, we add an additional vesting component to claiming earned yield when unstaking previously staked YDF or YDF liquidity.

When a user unstakes their YDF, which returns their original principal YDF to them and burns the NFT that served as their stake receipt, they have earned additional YDF based on the APR they were receiving depending on their desired lockup period. This yield, instead of being delivered immediately to the user's wallet, will be vested continuously over the subsequent 90 days following unstaking and can be claimed every 9 days up to 10 claims. This ultimately reduces sell pressure and allows the protocol to manage and balance inflow and outflow of capital moving across and between the YDF ecosystem.

How often can I claim?

You can claim your vested rewards up to 10 times over the 90 days, meaning every 9 days you claim vested rewards, however, you are not required to claim every 9 days. The vesting rewards will accumulate over the 90 day period and can be claimed all at once at the end of the 90 period or in other desired intervals. 9 days is simply the maximum interval that the rewards can be claimed for.

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