The YDF team is not publicly doxxed and plans to stay that way for the time being to protect our privacy, however, the team is KYCed through AssureDefi. AssureDefi is one of, if not the most respected KYC providers in the space who have procedures and processes in place to pursue any legal or compensatory action against a team KYCed through them who act maliciously or with ill intent.

Team Members:

Yield Generator (Twitter / TG) Yield Generator has extensive experience building on top of EVM based blockchains and is a true visionary in the world of blockchain technology & development. As creator and lead developer of YDF, Yield Generator has a wealth of experience under their belt, having worked on multiple well-known crypto projects. Yield Generator's resume speaks for itself with the latest success being the seamless pioneering and shipping of innovative technologies such as NFT staking/yielding, a native NFT marketplace and upcoming utility. Yield Generator is not one to rest on their laurels, they are always building and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of crypto. Their relentless drive to innovate is evident in the success of YDF and has earned them the respect and admiration of the community.

YDFSupport (Twitter / TG) YDFSupport is our operations manager that handles a wide variety of responsibilities, such as: community manager, documentation / technical writing, assisting with technical issues, code review / testing of new products, minor code changes, UI/UX design and so much more. Any questions you might have, YDFSupport knows the answer.

AltKing (Twitter / TG) AltKing is a developer and has a deep understanding of the YDF ecosystem. With his mathematical skills and years of experience in crypto, he supports both the community and our internal team with his knowledge. AltKing is also the creator of Yieldy, our Telegram bot. Yieldy enhances our Telegram community with important notifications of events on the blockchain and the YDF ecosystem such as YDF being staked/burned and NFTs being listed/offered/sold - all with detailed information.

Kamina (TG) Kamina is a designer & developer who loves to create and gets excited by the challenge of creating something new. He has worked on numerous projects ranging from websites to decentralized apps and is responsible for much of the YDF website design along with the promotional graphics you might see on social media.

YDF Voice (Twitter / TG) Keith is the voice of team YDF, organizing and hosting YDF Twitter spaces and other speaking engagements. While the rest of the team might be shy about public speaking, Keith is our go to when the masses gather to talk about YDF and provides all informational updates to everyone.

SirWellington (Twitter / TG) & CryptoJoker (Twitter / TG) SirWellington & CryptoJoker bring a combined 4 years experience , growing multimillion market cap crypto communities. The duo tirelessly work to maximize community engagement by fielding questions, activating special promotions and securing ongoing collaborations to support growth. They lead the charge with our holders - the Yieldies!

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