slYDF: Liquidity Staking

slYDF - Fully tradable, transferrable stake NFT: By staking your liquidity, you will receive a NFT that can be traded freely on the open market through OpenSea or any other marketplace. It will retain its current entitled principal amount of Uni-LP, lockup period, and APR from when it was originally created.

Stake your YDF liquidity tokens (Uni-LP) to earn even higher returns than single sided staking. Just like with sYDF, staking your LP will yield you an NFT, slYDF, that is also required to unstake later.

Staking Lockup Options

Lockup Period (days)APR (%)*



14 days


120 days


240 days


360 days


* The APR for liquidity staking includes of the total value of your LP staked at the time you stake it. For example, if you provide LP by adding 100 YDF and 1 ETH to the liquidity pool and stake it with 120 day lockup period (75% APR), your yield will be calculated as if you are earning 150 YDF every 365 days (100 * 2 * 0.75 = 150 YDF/yr). This is entered and frozen at the time you stake, which means there is no adjustment or consideration taken for impermanent loss experienced while staking your liquidity.

Perpetual Yield

When the lockup period expires, the staked YDF liquidity tokens will remained staked and continue earning yield at the APR option chosen until it is unstaked by the owner.

Claiming Without Unstaking

You can claim and begin vesting earned rewards once every 7 days. Once you claim rewards to begin vesting, the 7 day timer starts and you won't be able to claim the next set of rewards until the end of the following 7 days.


We do not offer the option to add to an existing staked principal balance. Users wanting to stake additional YDF must create a new stake at the currently available APR options.

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