Using Referral Codes

How to use a Referral Code

  1. When opening a Futures Position, you have the option to enter a Referral Code

  2. If you enter a referral code, when you click Confirm Trade you will first be presented with a gasless (free) signature request to confirm you wish to associate the entered referral code with your wallet's current trade and all future trades going forward.

  3. After the referral code's signature request is signed, you will then be prompted with the Trade confirmation to continue the process of opening your position.

  4. Once the referral code has been confirmed, all trades will be linked to the entered referral code for the referral code's owner to benefit from your trading.

  • Referral codes can only be used by users who have never opened a Futures Trading position.

  • Only 1 referral code can be linked to a wallet.

  • Once you enter a referral code, it cannot be changed.

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