Package Trading

Package to Package Trading

Another YDF innovation on the OTC platform is the ability create a package of any combination of ERC20 tokens & NFTs and use it to trade for another user's package of assets.

Making a Package Offer

  • Create a package of your own. For assistance, review the Creating a Package page.

  • Once your package has been created, find the package you would like to make an offer on and select Trade For.

  • Select the OTC Package you wish to use as an offer for the selected package.

  • Once selected, click Confirm Trade and your package will be presented to the owner as an offer on their package.

  • You will be able to review all offers you have made under the Outgoing Trade Requests section to Review or Remove the offer as needed.

Reviewing Package Offers

  • Offers you have received on packages that you own will be listed under the Incoming Trade Requests section.

  • Clicking Review Trade will bring up a window of detailed information on the contents of the owned package and the package being offered. In this window, you can Accept or Reject the trade offer.

  • Once an offer has been accepted, the OTC Packages will be transferred to the new owners who can Unpackage to have all content sent to the owner's wallet. See Withdrawing from a Package for more details.

As each package does not have a base monetary value to calculate a percentile fee, the platform fee for package to package trading is a static amount on each chain paid by the user accepting a trade offer. Ethereum: 0.01 ETH

Arbitrum: 0.01 ETH Binance: 0.05 BNB

Avalanche: 1 AVAX

Fantom: 40 FTM

Polygon: 15 MATIC

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