What is Yieldification?


A real yield NFT utility DeFi protocol offering up to 50% APRs using brand new (and actually useful) integration between ERC-20 fungible tokens and NFTs as certificates of deposit/stake receipts. We are building utility such as our unique approach to perpetual futures trading supporting a number of tokens as collateral, as well as, additional utility on top of NFTs to support sustainability of the protocol. We also use only the desirable, yet sustainable, concepts and tokenomics from some of the largest, most popular projects in the space (HEX, OHM, GMX, REFI, etc.). Pair with utility, whose fees and usage will pay for staking utility long-term, YDF will thrive with growth, sustainability, and longevity in mind.

We've built around the concepts of:

  • decentralized Certificates of Deposit (think HEX)

  • with some of the highest sustainable yield you'll find in crypto (think OHM but sustainable)

  • with innovative, never before seen mint/burn tokenomics based on stakes & utility fees/usage & time decay asset sell taxes (brand new) (taxes have been removed)

  • Perpetual futures trading (against single asset and unique, weighted indexes we build) supporting standard large cap/stable coins as collateral in addition to smaller/medium caps with reasonable yet sustainable yield vesting (think GMX)

  • with additional native ETH rewards on top of existing high yield for stakers (think REFI)

  • with upcoming revenue generating utility (see Roadmap & Utility)

  • all built on top of brand new, first mover staking NFTs that serve as your certificates of deposit, but are transferrable and tradable on your favorite NFT marketplaces based on the current and future speculative value of the stake principal and yield being earned continuously.

Simply put, we're positioned to grow into a significant first-mover protocol with new and improved innovation in crypto to achieve significant market share across the entire space.

How does it work?

How is staking yield sustained? The YDF ecosystem is and will continue to build unique NFT utility whose goal is to ultimately generate revenue and pay for investor staking yield long term. We will continue to monitor emissions and revenue to understand how we should adjust APRs and utility fees to ensure sustainability long term.

The foundation of YDF is built with several important concepts that support the long term vision of the project all while delivering high yield and returns back to investors. Each component coalesces perfectly to deliver the appropriate balance to support the underlying infrastructure that will make the project exist and ultimately grow in perpetuity.

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Learn more about what makes YDF work and how the entirety of features will make for an incredible long term opportunity:

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