Buying from a Pool

How to use OTC Pools to swap tokens

  1. Select the Pools tab on the OTC page and click Select a Pair.

  2. Search for and select the desired token pairing.

  3. Once a pair is selected, you will be prompted to select an exchange rate. There may be multiple pools created across multiple users, of which you can select which pool you would like to buy from based on the price and liquidity of each pool.

  4. After the pair and exchange rate are chosen, you may choose any amount to swap from the selected pool, much like you would do on any DEX swap (UniSwap / SushiSwap).

    A market comparison is available to indicate if the price of your selected pool is better or worse than the current market value of the swap asset. The toggle link can be clicked in order to switch between viewing the exchange rates of Selling Asset to Buying Asset or Buying Asset to Selling Asset.

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