Platform Fees

Fees of each platform utility

Perpetual Futures Trading

Open Position

  • 0.15% of the position size

Close Position

  • 0.15% of the position size

  • 0.005% / hour that the position was opened

NFT Marketplace

  • 1% Platform Fee for all NFT sales.

OTC Trading

  • OTC Pools: 1% of the buy transactions from the pool.

  • OTC Packages: 1% of the list price when the package is sold.

  • There is a service fee of 0.001 ETH to create an OTC record. This nominal fee is to deter the spam creation of OTC Packages and Pools.

  • Package to Package Trading: As each package does not have a base monetary value to calculate a percentile fee, the platform fee for package to package trading is a static amount on each chain paid by the user accepting a trade offer. Ethereum: 0.01 ETH

    Arbitrum: 0.01 ETH Binance: 0.05 BNB

    Avalanche: 1 AVAX

    Fantom: 40 FTM

    Polygon: 15 MATIC

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