Claiming Referral Rewards

How to Claim Rewards from Referral Codes

  1. Connect your wallet with the YDF site on the Arbitrum Network and Select the Rewards / Referrals button under "My Portfolio"

  2. This will bring up a window with Rewards and Referral Information. On the right hand column, there is a Sync button. This button will run an admin process to calculate your Referral Rewards based on the volume of all closed trading positions that have occurred from wallets using your referral code since your last Sync.

  3. Once the Sync button has been clicked, the button will be disabled for 24 hours and display the Date and Time at which it will be available again.

  4. If the traders using your referral code have opened and closed positions since your last sync, YDF rewards will be claimable to your wallet.

  • Rewards can only be claimed on the Arbitrum Network.

  • Syncs can only be performed once every 24 hours.

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