Roadmap & Utility

We've built what we believe is a unique and first-mover protocol with tokenomics and mechanics that can help us grow into something substantial in the market. That being said, we are planning the following utility on top of the existing features to generate staking yield and bring even more value to the yieldification protocol.


Estimated TimelineUtility

Q3-Q4 2022 [LIVE]

Index Perpetual Futures Trading

Q4 2022 [LIVE]

Cross-chain support (Arbitrum)

Q4 2022 [LIVE]

Perps: Referral Codes

Q4 2022 [LIVE]

sYDL & slYDF NFT marketplace

Q1 2023 [LIVE]

OTC trading of ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155

Q2 2023 [LIVE]

DAO Implementation

Q2 2023 [LIVE]

Perps: Low Latency/Real-Time Futures Functionality

Q1-Q2 2024

Lending against principal value of sYDF & slYDF

Q2 2024

OTC UI/UX redesign

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