Creating Referral Codes

How to generate a Referral Code

  1. Select the Rewards / Referrals button under My Portfolio

  2. This will bring up a window with rewards and referral information. At the bottom of this window, a random default code will be entered, however, you may change this to be any combination of 20 letters / characters of your choosing

  3. Once you have chosen your referral code, select Save. This will initiate a gasless (free) transaction for you to sign which simply confirms you own the wallet that this referral code will be linked to.

  4. Once your referral code is saved, you may begin distributing it to your friends and family. The Referral Link provided can be used to autofill your referral code when the Yieldification Trading Platform is opened by a trader using the link.

You may create multiple Referral Codes. All referral codes owned by your wallet will be processed for rewards when a Sync is performed.

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