OTC White Label


What is White Labeling?

White Labeling is a product or service produced by one company that other companies rebrand as a product of their own for their consumers to use.

In this case, YDF's OTC Platform is being offered as a service for other crypto projects to utilize without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure themselves.

What are the benefits?

There are two main benefits for participating in YDF's OTC White Label partner program:

  1. As mentioned above, any crypto project will be able to utilize an OTC Platform without having to invest and build one themselves. OTC has many use cases, some described here, and bringing this utility to a project benefits both the project and its holders.

  2. All participating projects will receive a share of the revenue generated by their OTC White Label. As there is little to no cost to integrate the YDF OTC Platform, adding an additional revenue stream becomes an easy decision for any project owner.

How does revenue sharing work?

To start the process, a project owner will visit YDF’s site, connect a wallet and create their customized OTC White Label.

The wallet that creates the OTC White Label will be the referring wallet that receives shared revenue based on the transactions that occur within their created white label.

The revenue share is 100% trustless and sent automatically with each OTC transaction.

Currently, a 1% fee is taken from all OTC transactions.

For Pools, this will be 1% of the paired token of the pool. For instance, if a user creates a pool of YDF tokens and pairs it with ETH for users to exchange ETH for the pooled YDF, then 1% of the ETH used in the transaction will be taken as a fee.

For Packages, 1% of the package’s price will be taken as a fee when the package is sold.

Of the 1% fee, 0.5% is sent to the YDF treasury, and the remaining 0.5% is split between the OTC transaction buy and sell sources.

For Example: If a user creates an OTC Pool / Package within Project A’s white label and a user buys said Pool or Package from within Project A’s white label, then Project A would receive 0.25% as the sell source and 0.25% as the buy source.

If a user creates an OTC Pool / Package within Project A’s white label, but a user from Project B’s white label buys from said Pool or Package, then Project A would receive 0.25% as the sell source and Project B would receive 0.25% as the buy source.

If you need assistance with creating an OTC White Label, have questions / feedback, or would like to join the White Label community of partners, please message one our below admins in Telegram. YDFSupport AltKing SirWellington CryptoJoker

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