Making an Offer

How to Make an Offer on an NFT

  1. Choose the NFT you would like to make an offer on and select Make Offer.

  2. This will bring up a window for you to offer the owner a chosen amount for their NFT. The offer can be made in ETH / WETH / DAI / USDT / USDC.

  3. If ETH is chosen, we will automatically wrap your ETH to WETH for you. This is necessary due to limited contract interactions with native ETH and an ERC-20 token must be used. For your offer to remain valid, this amount of WETH must remain in your wallet until your offer is accepted, rejected or cancelled, otherwise the owner will not be able to accept your offer as you will not have the funds that you offered available to complete the purchase.

  4. Once a price is chosen, you may add an Expiration Date and Time that your offer is good until. Once this time expires, your offer will no longer be available to accept from the owner. If you would like your offer to never expire, simply click the X next to the calendar date.

  5. After all of the information has been entered, select Make Offer. Your offer will be available to the NFT's owner to Accept or Reject and your offer will be displayed under the My Offers Made section where you can Remove Offer if so desired.

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