Creating a Pool

How to create a Pool to sell an asset:

  1. Click Create OTC and select Pool

  2. Enter the contract address of ANY ERC-20 asset you would like to sell, or select from the pre-approved list.

  3. Enter the contract address of ANY ERC-20 token that users will use to buy your asset with, or select from the pre-approved list.

  4. Enter how much of your asset you would like to sell.

  5. Enter a price for your asset. You may enter a USD amount per asset you are selling, or enter the direct exchange rate between the asset you are selling and the asset users will buy your asset with. By default, the current market value will be loaded in these fields. You may also click the Market Value to load the current market value.

    Once you have entered your desired price, a market comparison will be available below to indicate if the price you have set is better or worse than the current market price of your asset.

    The toggle link can be clicked in order to switch between viewing the exchange rates of Selling Asset to Buying Asset or Buying Asset to Selling Asset.

Market Value is price of the asset at the time the Create OTC Pool process starts. The value is obtained via CoinGecko as the primary source with fallbacks to CoinMarketCap and Swap DEXs (UniSwap / SushiSwap / PancakeSwap).

There is a service fee of 0.01 ETH to create a OTC Pool. This nominal fee is to deter the spam creation of OTC Pools.

The platform fee for OTC Pools is 1% of the buy transactions from the pool.

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