Frequently Asked Questions

Is the team doxxed?

The YDF team is not publicly doxxed and plans to stay that way for the time being to protect our privacy and support focusing on product development, however, the team is KYCed through AssureDefi. AssureDefi is one of, if not the most respected KYC providers in the space who have procedures and processes in place to pursue any legal or compensatory action against a team KYCed through them who act maliciously or with ill intent Information about the team can be found on the YDF Team page.

How do you plan on sustaining emissions?

Sustainability is important to us, and as such, we have a page dedicated to Sustainability detailing our plans and goals to achieve this.

Blacklisted Wallets

Sniper bots that buy up the supply of a token at launch can cause issues for a project's growth. YDF's contract code launched with an anti-sniper feature in that if any wallet that bought within the first 3 blocks of launching, the wallets were automatically blacklisted On Ethereum, YDF was launched on block 15269896, and as such any wallet that bought YDF in block 15269896, 15269897, or 15269898 were automatically blacklisted to protect the integrity of the launch. The following 13 wallets were caught as sniper bots and were automatically blacklisted:

0x72ab505fe1c90adadd13e4d3c3c52b96c0f2a9ca 0x7420a11ea1a93acf4e770113b5eb94f78c9dc118 0x5fa998dde306201d105acbcb125effdf446d6f5b 0x8a69e65671d75f9d234f71e505316657d4b8f6e6 0x231a7ef1051246577d774e79536f7b06d7986309 0x7116b0087621bb36628ec21eb39d3ca917e3fad3 0xc2c665f49674a7243909c6068fc17b88366d57e3 0x129a2fa592d3986b7a98b17e9ab2cd54e02a8abc 0x27848cb862d42af725dc8e340b86747d1e0c7d76 0xc7c32357585293d072464209c8649f48f7c973bf 0x79c45ee9af16774d2e17935dc9248a35c3fb9f51 0xb0c5744824a692c208bc9f32bb98b1ac44d00418 0x7b4e4b8aacf4ad7693cf5e020aaaf1585430d9bf

These wallets contain a combined total of 44,608,663 YDF that has effectively been taken out of circulation.

Can I add to my NFT stake?

Adding additional YDF to an existing NFT staking is not possible, nor particularly desired as adding YDF to a high APR NFTs would add exponential emissions that would not be sustainable.

What happens after the lockup period of my NFT stake?

The lockup period only determines how long the principal YDF is locked for. Once the lockup period has expired, the NFT can be unstaked without penalty, however, the NFT will continue to generate yield as long as the NFT remains staked. If the NFT is unstaked after the lockup period, then the full principal balance will be sent to the owner and the NFT will be burned. If the NFT is unstaked before the lockup period expires, there will be a penalty as described here.

Can I bridge my NFT?

We understand the potential benefit of bridging an ETH NFT to Arbitrum to save on gas fees, however, it is not currently feasible to do this at this time. We won't say that we will never support the bridging of NFTs, but at this time, there are no plans to do this.

Will APRs be reduced again?

As new investors and stakers come on board, we continuously monitor the emissions. On February 1, the APRs were reduced from 50% / 75% max APR to 35% / 50% max APR for Single Side / Liquidity stakes. Over the following months, APRs will gradually step down to slowly reduce new emissions and maintain sustainability for the long haul.

Why haven't I received ETH rewards lately?

ETH Rewards are funded by the treasury when the platform has extra revenue and are considered as an added bonus. As we build additional utilities to bring in extra revenue to the platform, ETH rewards will be available as the platform becomes profitable overall.

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