Creating a Package

How to create a Package of assets:

  1. Click Create New OTC and select Package

  2. Next, it is time to add Tokens and / or NFTs to the package. Click Add Token or Add NFT.

Adding a Token to the Package

If you are adding a Token, click Select Token. You will be provided with a drop down list of pre-approved tokens, or you can enter the contract address of ANY ERC-20 token that you may have in your wallet to be added to the package.

Once a token is selected, the wallet balance of that token will be loaded and you can enter the amount of tokens you would like to add to the package. After entering in the amount, select Add Token to add this token to the package.

After clicking Add Token, you will see the asset added to the top of the window that can be edited or removed as needed.

Adding an NFT to the Package

If you are adding an NFT, click Select NFT. The drop down will populate with any YDF NFT you currently own that can be added to the package (including other OTC Packages), or you can enter the contract address of ANY ERC-721 NFT that you may have in your wallet to be added to the package.

Selecting an NFT will add the NFT to the package, which can be removed or edited as need.

Optional: Set List Price

If you wish to set a price in order to sell this package, select Set List Price. Once the List Price section expands, click Select Token to choose between a list of pre-approved tokens that can be used to buy your package. After selecting a token, enter in the amount of said token you would like to receive for your package. You may also enter in a USD value that will auto-populate the corresponding token amount.

You do not have to set a list price during the creation of a package. A list price can be set afterwards, or not at all in case you would like to use the package as an offer on another OTC Package.

Optional: Vesting Schedule

You may set a Vesting Schedule so that the tokens inside the package will vest over the period set during the OTC Package creation instead of being available all at once. Detailed information can be found on the Package Vesting page.

Optional: Private OTC Transaction

You may choose to make the sale of your package private so that only a specified wallet can purchase your package. If desired, simply enter the wallet address of your potential buyer.

  1. After entering in all details, select List Package. You will likely need to approve the OTC contract to interact with each asset (Token and NFT) you are adding to the package. Once all transactions are submitted, your OTC Package will be listed on the platform.

Inception Packaging

Adding an asset to an existing package is not possible, however, you can create a new package that includes an existing package of assets along with any new assets you would like to add.

To do this, the process is the same as above:

  • Create New OTC Package

  • Add NFT

  • Select the OTC Package # that you would like to add

  • Add any other assets to go into this new package

  • Set a List Price as needed

  • Create OTC

When this happens, the original package NFT is transferred to the OTC contract and you are given a new OTC NFT that represents the original package, your new package and its contents.

For OTC Packages, 1% of the list price is taken as platform revenue when the package is sold.

There is a service fee of 0.01 ETH to create an OTC record. This nominal fee is to deter the spam creation of OTC Pools.

Direct OTC Package trades will only pay the above service fee.

Please be aware that any ERC-20 Token or NFT collection with custom logic that enables the burning or transferring of the Token or NFT without utilizing the standard spec interface functions could result in the permanent loss of an OTC Package and its contents. This includes the Perpetual Futures collection. If a Futures NFT is added to an OTC package and the position is liquidated via automation resulting in the Futures NFT being burned, then the OTC Package that the Futures NFT was apart of will be permanently lost.

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