sYDF & slYDF Marketplace

Whether you are staking YDF single sided or ETH/YDF liquidity, you are returned an NFT that serves as the certificate of deposit or stake that holds all of the information about your stake. One of the gaps that an NFT marketplace like OpenSea has today is it highlights the NFT artwork and rarity based on attributes associated with an NFT and its associated collection.

Since we're using NFTs in a unique and first-mover way where the artwork and rarity of attributes aren't really where the value resides, we need a way to highlight the value of the stakes differently and create a vibrant market for these stakes. This is what our marketplace does.

YDF's Marketplace has been built to support not just YDF's NFTs, but all NFT collections for when we decide to expand the marketplace into its own venture. As such, the fees are structured similarly to other NFT Marketplaces.


The YDF Marketplace charges a 1% Platform Fee for all NFT sales. This is significantly less compared to OpenSea's 2.5% and LooksRare's 2% fees.

In addition to Platform Fees, Creator or Royalty fees can be set by the collector's owner. YDF's NFTs have a 4% royalty fee.

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