ETH Rewards

First mover built-in ETH rewards wired into both staking NFT contracts: This mechanism, particularly the idea of your rewards being proportional based on the amount of yield you're earning, has not been seen before and rewards stakers above and beyond just the normal yield their earning by staking.

Stakers are already earning a high yield from staking their YDF or liquidity, but to sweeten the pot even more we built an innovative, never before seen built-in mechanism for all stakers to enjoy passive ETH rewards as long as they have a stake NFT (sYDF or slYDF) in their wallet. These rewards are funded by the treasury periodically from excess platform revenue.

How many rewards you earn compared to other stakers is a function of both the principal value of your owned stake NFTs and the lockup period. The higher the principal and the longer the lockup period (and therefore the higher your APR), the more ETH rewards you earn.

These native/ETH rewards provide an even more sustainable way to reward stakers of YDF or liquidity. If you were on the fence as to whether you wanted to stake your YDF or liquidity, this should pull you over to get staked now!

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